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Assimilation of ENVISAT Data

The ENVISAT-1 satellite, launched March 1st 2002, carries ten instruments, three of which are aimed at atmospheric research, MIPAS, GOMOS and SCIAMACHY, and two aimed at observing land surface and oceans, MERIS and AATSR. 

Data Assimilation is a type of model calculation, where real measurement results are assimilated to improve the accuracy of the calculations. The ASSET project uses measurements from ENVISAT instruments in combination with several computational models.  

The home page of the ASSET project is situated at NERC. Here at the nadir data centre, NILU maintains a collection of data files and tools for the ASSET project participants. The pages are currently under construction, a message will be sent to ASSET participants when the pages are usable.  

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Terje Krognes - Page last modified 21 February 2003